Life Transitions

Life Transitions


Retirement – Marriage – Divorce – Changing Jobs.
Planning is understandably a critical part of your life. Keeping an eye on your financial health during life transitions is essential.

Retirement represents one of the most significant financial milestone in your lifetime. We believe that a successful retirement plan includes an in depth look into specific income planning strategies.

As retirement approaches, our team can develop various retirement and social security strategies. In addition, we can help you evaluate income producing strategies.

If you are a younger individual, you can benefit most from creating long-term retirement planning goals. We believe in investing early in life seeking to maximize the growth and accumulation phase. Preparing a budget and taking advantage of tax-deferral strategies such as IRAs and 401ks, can help towards your goals of financial freedom.

No matter what phase of your life your are in, Contact Us for a highly personalized retirement plan that customizes your retirement goals.

Marriage changes a new couple’s financial situation and that affect all aspects of their life together. The new partnership means also new ways of managing personal finances and money management.

Understanding how to navigate through these changes and planning ahead can help you build a strong financial house for your relationship.

Contact Us and we can provide advice and support with:

  • Joint accounts or separate
  • Credit reports
  • Prior marriages and Prenups
  • Financial wellness assessments
  • Budgeting and Credit Cards
  • Do you have adequate health, life, disability and property insurance coverage

Keeping an eye on your financial health during a divorce is essential.

Divorce can be a complicated and challenging process in which details are easily overlooked. Protecting your financial health during this time is crucial, and no one should enter this process without a trusted attorney (specializing in divorce) on his or her side. Equally important is knowing the laws that shape divorce proceedings, and the impact they can have on your assets.

Contact Us to learn more about how divorce may affect your finances. We are here to provide advice and support with the following:

  • Dividing the Assets
  • Dealing With Debt
  • Retirement Assets
  • Estate Planning

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Changing jobs? What are you going to do with your retirement savings? The decisions you make about how to manage retirement assets when changing jobs can have a direct impact on your future financial health. “Cashing out” retirement plan assets before age 59½ (55 in some cases) can expose your savings to immediate income taxes and a 10% additional federal tax. On the other hand, there are several different strategies that may preserve the full value of your assets while potentially providing tax-deferred growth.

Well Informed = Well Prepared

Option #1: Leave the money where it is.

Option #2: Transfer the money to your new plan.

Option #3: Transfer the money to a rollover IRA.

Option #4: Take the cash.

Contact Us and let’s work together to review your options for managing your retirement assets when changing jobs.

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Retirement - Marriage - Divorce - Changing Jobs

Plan for important life transitions

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